Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Photos by : John Thatcher

I'm wearing bell bottoms that I found at a great vintage store on Haight & Ashbury called Static. I seriously looked forever for ones that fit. Vintage sizes are so different than today's sizes. But when these ones fit perfect it was meant to be! I suggest that ppl get back into these because they do wonders for the butt! Haha
I'm also wearing a Harley lace tank that I found and the Alameda Antique fair and free bird belt also found there. Hat thrifted from the Goodwill.

Happy hunting!! <3

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  1. are they 684's? I have such a hard time finding any that fit me as well.I used to have a few pairs and then i gained 10lbs so i sold them UGH!!!!! See you Saturday.x